BuzzWatch — 10 Famous People Who Have Seen Ghosts

Celebrity Ghost Stories is one of the best, unsung shows of cable. Entire afternoons have been withered away on the supernatural woes of Aaron Carter and Joan Rivers consulting a voodoo priestess to help her with ghostly hanger-on-ers, and we’re not talking about her daughter Melissa.


Celebrities admitting they also get the occasional sense of the creeps somehow normalizes them, (celebrities they’re paranoid — just like us!). This Buzzfeed video runs through all the A-listers who admit to ghoulish groupies. Demi Lovato is a self-described ghost hunter, Gaga thinks she has a ghost that follows her on tour, but it’s probably just her assistant who’s name she keeps forgetting, and you better believe Hillary got weird with a Ouija board in the White House.

Leave it to Ke$ha to top everyone else in the ghost department. We wonder if her Plenty of Fish dating profile has a checkbox for the living or dead. Check out which celebs had a brush with the other side, and that doesn’t include the one time they mixed medications.