Buzzwatch — 8 Celebrity Facts You Won’t Believe Are True

Even in the information onslaught age of US Weekly, there are still a few personal factoids about celebrities that catch us by surprise.

Buzzfeed OrpahBuzzfeedyellow/YouTube

This Buzzfeed video digs up the dirt on celebrities so you don’t have to spend hours parsing out fact from fiction on Wikipedia. From scandalous family backgrounds, embarrassing middle names and bizarre former careers, no stone is left unturned. Also most importantly, sex therapist was apparently equally dangerous in the field as she was in the sack, when she trained to be a sniper shooter in Israel when she was 16. What were you doing when you were 16?!

With a mix of dramatic music, and shocking revelations it just further proves — celebrities — there are NOT just like us. Real talk: Is Oprah really that much easier to say than Orpah?