BuzzWatch – The Creepiest Places on Earth

America is known for harboring some of the strangest locales in the world, like the backwoods hill towns of the Appalachian Mountains, or the entire state of Florida. 

 BuzzWatch, Creepiest Places on Earth

But according to a new video released by BuzzFeed, places like Pripyat, Ukraine, a city of nearly 50,000 that was abandoned entirely in the wake of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, Earth is known for way more creepier spots. I mean, where else can your irradiated head blow up to the size of a melon just by taking a stroll through the local park?


With all this talk about abandoned cities, it’s odd that a certain desolate ghost town located on the East Coast was not mentioned. It’s called Washington, D.C. Shut. It. Down!

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