Buzzwatch — 14 Facts That Will Haunt Your Soul

Ignorance is bliss, as they say — but insatiable curiosity will always win out. The Internet is like fast food chicken nuggets, a never-ending sludge of uncomfortable truth, but let’s go down the rabbit hole together shall we?

14 Facts That Will Haunt Your SoulBuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

As always, Buzzfeed is ready to tell us bizarre trivia about just how dirty our world really is —that and dolphins have very versatile sexual organs. Somehow we missed that part of the show at Sea World. Speaking of freakish Mother Nature, there are giant hornets killing people in China. We will never UNSEE that photo, and now so can you!

For all those people who create a fortress of toilet paper when using the bathroom, you’re doing it wrong. Just as we suspected, poop is everywhere and the bathroom is the last place you should worry about. You’ll think twice about using that office mug next time around.