Buzzwatch — Forgotten English Words And Phrases We Should Still Use

Kids these days are so caught up in their LOL’s, hashtags and YOLO’s, we question the survival of the English language sometimes. If it weren’t for Urban Dictionary, we doubt one generation could ever comprehend the other.


So before we start writing posts entirely in emoticons, Buzzfeed takes a look back at some of the slang of yore that’s fallen out of favor over the past century or two. You know that feeling you get around 3:00pm after your third cup of coffee? Yeah, there’s a word for that. Also the next time your boss keeps you inside for an absurdly long meeting on a beautiful day, suggest having a pedeconference instead.

We were never fond of the phrase, “dropping the kids off at the pool,” to signify a certain bodily function, so we’re all of favor of replacing it with its more dignified predecessor — taking a “voyage to the Spice Islands.” What a bunch of flimflam.