BuzzWatch Video: A Dog’s Guide to Training People

Most of us spend hours attempting to instruct our pooches how to sit, stay, roll over and even say I love you. However, a new BuzzFeed video has enlightened us that it is not us humans who need to train our beloved doggies. In fact, we two-legged creatures can learn a thing or two from our precious canine friends. 

In a “Dog’s Guide To Training Your Owner,” Sherman Furman, a very wise golden retriever with bulging dark eyes, reveals tips for pups to properly educate their owners. From snack advice to scratch therapy, we learn that it’s in our dog’s hands (well, paws) to work as our guides. So, want a well-needed massage from your owner? Simply roll on over and get ready to be scratched away.

Well, all you dog owners out there, it’s time to face the truth: it’s not your dogs who need training… it’s you.

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