Buzzwatch — Words And Phrases To Make You Sound Smarter

A deep knowledge of vocabulary is a true mark of distinction. After all you can’t live you life going around saying “totes” and “obvi’s” for the rest of your life. And you don’t have to sit in on an GRE prep class or subscribe to the New Yorker to sharpen your vocabulary.

Words And Phrases To Make You Sound SmarterBuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

With a reputation of educating the populace through gif-laden listacle, Buzzfeed presents a vocab-packed educational video to help guide you through this laborious landscape. No more struggling to find a “mot juste” for your Thought Catalog piece or expertly constructed missives to your ex. Or articulating your deep thoughts on art critique: “Georgia O’Keeffe paintings are very yonic.”

So keep that thesaurus at the ready and dominate those crossword puzzles or just confuse autocorrect with all your highbrow texts. And if you ever find yourself faced with an unfamiliar word, you can always Google it — an example of “denominalization.”