C Henry Gordon

Born: 06/17/1884 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (38)

Man of Conquest 1938 (Movie)


Charlie Chan at the Olympics 1936 (Movie)

Arthur Hughes (Actor)

Conquest 1936 (Movie)


Stand-In 1936 (Movie)


The Charge of the Light Brigade 1935 (Movie)

Surat Khan (Actor)

The Big Broadcast of 1936 1934 (Movie)


Hide-Out 1933 (Movie)

Tony Berrelli (Actor)

Scarface 1932 (Movie)

Guarino (Actor)

Mata Hari 1931 (Movie)


A Woman of Experience 1930 (Movie)


Charlie Chan Carries On (Movie)

John Ross (Actor)

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (Movie)

Dr. Cream (Actor)

Death on the Diamond (Movie)

Joe Karns (Actor)

Gabriel Over the White House (Movie)

Nick Diamond (Actor)

Heritage of the Desert (Movie)

Henry Holderneys (Actor)

Jewel Robbery (Movie)

Fritz (Actor)

Kit Carson (Movie)

Gen. Castro (Actor)

Love Letters of a Star (Movie)

Lt. Valcour (Actor)

Once a Sinner (Movie)

Serge Ratoff (Actor)

Penthouse (Movie)

Jim Crelliman (Actor)

Professional Soldier (Movie)

Gino (Actor)

Pursuit (Movie)

Shawn (Actor)

Rasputin and the Empress (Movie)

Grand Duke Igor (Actor)

Stage Mother (Movie)


Stamboul Quest (Movie)

Ali Bey (Actor)

State's Attorney (Movie)

Attorney Grey (Actor)

Tarzan's Revenge (Movie)

Ben Alleu Bey (Actor)

The Black Camel (Movie)

Van Horn (Actor)

The Chief (Movie)

Clayton (Actor)

The Crooked Circle (Movie)

Yoganda (Actor)

The Devil's in Love (Movie)

Capt. Radak (Actor)

The Return of the Cisco Kid (Movie)

Mexican Captian (Actor)

The Secret of Madame Blanche (Movie)

State's Attorney (Actor)

Thirteen Women (Movie)

Swami (Actor)

This Side of Heaven (TV Show)


Under Two Flags (Movie)

Lt. Petaine (Actor)

Whistling in the Dark (Movie)

Ricco Lombardo (Actor)

Yellow Jack (Movie)

Col. Wiggins (Actor)