Cage threatened to sue ex over ‘abuse’ claims

Christina Fulton – the mother of Cage’s son Weston – is suing the actor, claiming he promised to give her the deeds to her home when they split, but never transferred the ownership.

She also claims Cage served her with a 60-day notice to vacate the property in September (09), leaving her with a $1 million (£625,000) tax debt on the property.

Fulton had scheduled a press conference, in which she planned to elaborate on claims Cage subjected her to “mental, physical and emotional abuse” – but cancelled at the last minute, prompting speculation the star had settled the suit.

But Cage’s lawyer Marty Singer reveals the tell-all was axed after the actor threatened to countersue his ex.

Singer tells the New York Daily News, “He hasn’t paid her a nickel. They cancelled the press conference because we said we’d sue them if they held it.”