Music (18)

A Long Way Down 2014 (Movie)

("I Will Survive") (Song Performer)

The Change-Up 2011 (Movie)

("Short Skirt/Long Jacket") (Song Performer)

The Late Show With David Letterman 2011 (Tv Show)


Conan 2010 (Tv Show)


All About Steve 2009 (Movie)

("Short Skirt, Long Jacket") (Song Performer)

I Love You, Man 2009 (Movie)

("Wheels") (Song Performer)

Waitress 2007 (Movie)

("Short Skirt / Long Jacket") (Song Performer)

Cry Wolf 2005 (Movie)

("Tougher Than It Is") (Song Performer)

Orange County 2002 (Movie)

("Shadow Stabbing") (Song Performer)

Secretary 2002 (Movie)

("I Will Survive") (Song Performer)

Waking Up in Reno 2002 (Movie)

("Stickshifts and Safetybelts") (Song Performer)

Shallow Hal 2001 (Movie)

("Comfort Eagle") (Song Performer)

Sidewalks of New York 2001 (Movie)

("When You Sleep") (Song Performer)

Me, Myself and Irene 2000 (Movie)

("Hem of Your Garment") (Song Performer)

Mission Hill 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)

Theme Song

Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train 1999 (Movie)

("I Will Survive") (Song Performer)

Welcome to Woop Woop 1998 (Movie)

("Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps") (Song Performer)

Gravesend 1997 (Movie)

("Multiply the Heartaches") (Song Performer)


Popular songs include "I Will Survive" and "The Distance".

Known for such albums as "Fashion Nugget" and "Comfort Eagle"