Cal Tjader

Born: 07/16/1925 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Music (12)

Our Brand Is Crisis 2015 (Movie)

("Soul Sauce (Guarachi Guaro)") (Song Performer)

Big Eyes 2014 (Movie)

("A Minor Goof") (Song Performer)

Big Eyes 2014 (Movie)

("Tropicville") (Song)

Cake 2014 (Movie)

("Bludan") (Song Performer)

Small Time 2014 (Movie)

("Guarachi Guaro (aka Soul Sauce)") (Song)

Labor Day 2013 (Movie)

("It Ain't Necessarily So") (Song Performer)

The Campaign 2012 (Movie)

("Spring Is Here") (Song Performer)

My Kid Could Paint That 2007 (Movie)

("Cal's Bluedo") (Song Performer)

Lunch Wagon 1979 (Movie)


Lunch Wagon 1979 (Movie)

("Black Orchid" "Blues from Havana") (Song Performer)

Hot Car Girl 1958 (Movie)


Hot Car Girl 1958 (Movie)

(Music Conductor)


Known for such albums as "Soul Sauce"

Popular songs include "Linda Chicana" and "Cuban Fantasy".