Calendar Girls head to Dubai

Mick Jagger’s ex-wife strips off for a role in the theatre production in London’s West End, which is based on the hit 2003 film.

And the model/actress could soon be shedding her clothes in sunnier climes, if theatre bosses agree to take the show abroad.

Producer David Pugh explains, “It’s a little bit surreal. We have had two approaches to take this show to the Arab Emirates and to Dubai. They want us to play in the big hotels out there.

But the musical’s racier scenes could cause a problem in the strict Muslim country – as could the lack of British cakes, which feature heavily in the film and theatre production.

Pugh adds, “I don’t know how we would do it with the nudity due to the strict dress codes out there. It might well require extra costumes. And how we will source (cakes) Victoria sponges and Bakewell tarts in the desert, I don’t know.”.