Cameron Diaz Wanted to Become a Scientist

Cameron Diaz Wanted to Become a Scientist

Cameron Diaz at the
Cameron Diaz

Charlie’s Angels star Cameron Diaz believes she would have embarking on a career as a scientist had she not become a model and then an actress.

The Hollywood beauty, who commands $20 million-per-movie, admits that when she was growing up in Long Beach, California, science appealed to her much more than show business.

She says, “I really think I would have gotten into some sort of science, like zoology, or you know, oceanography, or something like that.

“I’m fascinated with how the planet works. You can learn so much from [animals] about how this planet functions. And I would have started there and probably branched into something.”

And Diaz is thrilled that she was able to share that passion with fans, when

she launched her MTV show Trippin’.

She adds, “I figured out that if I’m in this position, I may as well try and use whatever celebrity that is influential to try and get people closer to understanding how the planet works and what its function is and how we are a part of it.”

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