Campbell ‘slap’ was like Benny Hill

The supermodel was spared a full investigation into the incident in New York on Tuesday (02Mar10) after chauffeur Miodrag Mejdina refused to press charges.

And U.K. newspaper The Sun suggests the case was dropped because police decided the alleged slap was not malicious, comparing Campbell to legendary British funnyman Hill, who would famously slap a sidekick’s bald head.

A spokesman for the New York Police Department tells the publication, “You know how Benny Hill used to run around slapping people around the head – well, that’s all she did to him.”

Campbell had offered to “co-operate voluntarily” with police after Mejdina alleged he was left with “bumps and bruises” following a confrontation in midtown Manhattan.

But the chauffeur later withdrew his complaint and cops have dropped the investigation.