Carina Lau

A veteran of East Asian cinema, Carina Lau cornered the girl-next-door market during the 1980s but later established herself as one of her Chinese homeland's greatest actresses thanks to a number of more challenging ... Read more »
Born: 12/08/1965 in Suzhou, CN


Actor (29)

From Vegas To Macau III 2016 (Movie)

Molly (Actor)

The Man From Macau II 2015 (Movie)


Beijing Love Story 2014 (Movie)

Jia Ling (Actor)

Bends 2013 (Movie)


Let the Bullets Fly 2012 (Movie)

The Mistress (Actor)

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame 2011 (Movie)

Empress Wu Zetian (Actor)

Ashes of Time Redux 2008 (Movie)

Peach Blossom (Actor)

Curiosity Kills the Cat 2006 (Movie)

Rose Feng (Actor)

2046 2005 (Movie)

Lulu/Mimi (Actor)

Infernal Affairs 2 2003 (Movie)

Mary Hon (Actor)

Infernal Affairs 3 2003 (Movie)


La Brassiere 2001 (Movie)


The Flowers of Shanghai 1998 (Movie)

Pearl (Actor)

Days of Being Wild 1996 (Movie)

Leung Fung-Ying--Lulu--Mimi (Actor)

Intimates 1996 (Movie)

Wan (Actor)

Who's The Woman, Who's The Man 1996 (Movie)

Rose (Actor)

Ashes of Time 1995 (Movie)

Peach Blossom (Actor)

Forbidden City Cop 1995 (Movie)


The Armour of God 1994 (Movie)

Singer (Actor)

He's a Woman, She's a Man 1993 (Movie)

Rose (Actor)

Heonggong Ya Fungkwong 1993 (Movie)

Shirley Huang (Actor)

The Eagle Shooting Heroes: Dong Cheng Xi Jiu 1993 (Movie)

Chou Po-tung (Actor)

C'est La Vie, Mon Cherie 1992 (Movie)


Now You See Love, Now You Don't 1992 (Movie)


The Actress 1992 (Movie)

Li Lily (Actor)

Project A II 1991 (Movie)


Shanghai Jiaqi 1991 (Movie)

Jiao Li (Actor)

Rich and Famous 1987 (Movie)



A veteran of East Asian cinema, Carina Lau cornered the girl-next-door market during the 1980s but later established herself as one of her Chinese homeland's greatest actresses thanks to a number of more challenging dramatic roles. Born in Suzhou, Jiangsu in 1965, Lau emigrated to Hong Kong aged fifteen where she gained entry into the actors training program at commercial channel TVB. After making her on-screen debut in "The Duke of Mount Deer" (TVB 1984), she played her future husband Tony Leung Chiu-Wai's half-sister in "Police Cadet" (TVB 1984) and appeared opposite action heroes Jackie Chan in "Project A Part II" (1987) and "Armour of God" (1987) and Chow Yun-fat in "Rich and Famous" (1987) and "Tragic Hero" (1987). Lau's career then skyrocketed following her appearance as wealthy heiress Sandy Ngai Chor Gwun in one of Hong Kong's most-watched ever series, "Looking Back In Anger" (TVB 1989), and she subsequently went onto receive the first of six Hong Kong Film Award nominations for her performance in "Her Beautiful Life Lies" (1989). During the filming of "Days Of Being Wild" (1991), one of her many collaborations with New Wave auteur Wong Kar-wai, Lau was kidnapped for several hours by four men working for a triad boss as punishment for refusing a particular film offer. Alongside her high-profile celebrity relationship, the ordeal transformed Lau into a permanent tabloid figure. But her impressive turn as vivacious cabaret dancer Leung Fung-ying in the aforementioned arthouse drama put the focus back onto her talents and after scene-stealing martial arts epic "Saviour Of The Soul" (1991), she continued to showcase her versatility with impressive performances as legendary Chinese actress Li Lili in Ruan Lingyu biopic "Center Stage" (1992), pop superstar Rose in cross-dressing comedy "He's A Woman, She's A Man" (1994) and call-girl Chung in offbeat romance "Gigolo and Whore" (1994). Following parts in the wuxia classic "Ashes Of Time" (1994) and James Bond pastiche "Forbidden City Cop" (1997), Lau once again attracted the attention of various awards juries with her measured portrayals of bisexual silk factory owner Wan in "Intimates" (1997) and prostitute Pearl in 19th Century epic "Flowers Of Shanghai." Appearances as Hon Sam's wife in the two "Infernal Affairs" sequels and an android in Wong Kar-wai's sci-fi-tinged "2046" (2004) saw Lau build further on her international profile. Lau then stepped in the shoes of Sarah Jessica Parker for the Hong Kong version of "Sex & The City" (HBO 1998-2004), "Sex & The Beauties" (2004) before winning rave reviews for her performances as unhappily-married Rose in the low-budget "Rashomon"-esque thriller "Curiosity Kills The Cat" (2006) and the Tang Dynasty Empress of China, Wu Zetian, in the blockbuster "Detective Dee & The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame" (2010). After receiving a Best Actress nod at Cannes for her turn as a rich housewife abandoned by her husband in slow-paced drama "Bends" (2013), Lau landed the lead role of Jia Ling in the big-screen adaptation of "Beijing Love Story" (2014).


Tony Chio-Wai




Lands Best Actress nomination at Cannes for performance in "Bones"


Appears as Hon Sam's wife in two "Infernal Affairs" sequels


Receives critical acclaim for performance in "Days Of Being Wild"


Cast as wealthy heiress Sandy Ngai Chor Gwun in "Looking Back In Anger" (TVB, 1989)


Makes on-screen debut in "The Duke Of Mount Deer" (TVB, 1984)

Bonus Trivia


Lau released 3 albums of Mandopop between 1994-1996 in Taiwan


Lau was once the Executive President of Hong Kong's TVMART channel but was replaced by the board following a loss of 40 million Taiwan dollars.


Hong Kong-based weekly East Week was shut down in 2002 for ten months after it published naked photos of Lau taken during her kidnapping ordeal twelve years earlier.


Lau's wedding to Tony Leung Chiu-Wai reportedly cost HK$30m, created a media frenzy in Hong Kong and was directed by Hong Kong Second Wave filmmaker Wong Kar-wai