Carina Ohlund


Visual Effects & Animation (9)

Seventh Son 2015 (Movie)

Lead Lighter(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Visual Effects)

Hop 2011 (Movie)

Lighting Artist(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Digital Artist)

Robin Hood 2010 (Movie)

Lighting TD(Moving Picture Company) (Animation Director)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009 (Movie)

Lighting(The Moving Picture Company) (Visual Effects)

The Incredible Hulk 2008 (Movie)

Lighter(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Digital Effects Artist)

The Tale of Despereaux 2008 (Movie)

Lighter(Framestore) (Digital Effects Artist)

Transformers 2007 (Movie)

Digital Artist(Industrial Light & Magic) (Digital Effects Artist)

Spider-Man 2 2004 (Movie)

Color & Lighting TD(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Animator)

Mission: Impossible 2 2000 (Movie)

computer graphics artist(Computer Film Company) (Graphic Artist)
Production Management (1)

The Matrix Reloaded 2003 (Movie)

Virtual Background Technical Director(The Matrix Unit) (Technical Director)