Carleton Carpenter

Actor, Singer, Dancer
A gangling song-and-dance man with extensive TV and stage credits, Carpenter also made his brief mark in a handful of MGM musicals which embodied the small-town vision of the USA so prevalent in the 1950s. Thin as a ... Read more »
Born: 07/10/1926 in Bennington, Vermont, USA


Actor (14)

Simon 1980 (Movie)


The Prowler 1980 (Movie)


Pete and Gladys 1960 - 1962 (TV Show)


Up Periscope 1958 (Movie)

Lieutenant Phil Carney (Actor)

Lady in the Dark 1954 - 1955 (TV Show)


Fearless Fagan 1952 (Movie)

Pvt. Floyd Hilston - Company J (Actor)

Father of the Bride (Movie)

Usher (Actor)

Lost Boundaries (Movie)

Andy (Actor)

Sky Full of Moon (Movie)

Harley Williams (Actor)

Summer Stock (Movie)

Artie (Actor)

Take the High Ground (Movie)

Merton Tolliver (Actor)

Three Little Words (Movie)

Dan Healy (Actor)

Two Weeks With Love (Movie)

Billy Finley (Actor)

Vengeance Valley (Movie)

Hewie (Actor)


A gangling song-and-dance man with extensive TV and stage credits, Carpenter also made his brief mark in a handful of MGM musicals which embodied the small-town vision of the USA so prevalent in the 1950s. Thin as a rail and standing 6'3", Carpenter possessed a handsomely boyish face and loads of eager-beaver energy to match, all honed during a childhood spent as a performer. He was singing and dancing at age four and, by the time he was nine, was performing as a child magician in traveling carnivals. Carpenter served briefly with the Navy Seabees in WWII and made it to Broadway in his late teens in "Bright Boy" (1944). After making his feature debut in the sincere, low-budget, independently made film about a light-skinned African-American family passing for white, "Lost Boundaries" (1949), he was signed by MGM.

Carpenter quickly made a fun impression in the Metro musical when Debbie Reynolds, portraying Jazz Age "boop oop a doop" singer Helen Kane in "Three Little Words" (1950), cooed (in Kane's voice) "I Wanna Be Loved by You" to an amusingly deadpanned Carpenter. Reynolds and Carpenter reteamed for one of his most famous career moments, dueting on the smash comic hit "Aba Daba Honeymoon" in "Two Weeks with Love" (1950), which went on to sell over five million copies. He continued in comedies, dramas and musicals at MGM for the next few years, generally more at home in lighter fare, but his leading roles in "Fearless Fagan" and "Sky Full of Moon" (both 1952) did not establish him as a new star.

Carpenter kept working onstage, though, and also began his incredibly prolific career on TV. He gave an amusing turn as the flaming photographer Russell in a TV version of the musical "Lady in the Dark" (1954) and, over the years, played a recurring role on the CBS sitcom "Pete and Gladys" (1961-62), acted on "Perry Mason" and did guest stints on game shows. A starring role in the two-part special "Luke and the Tenderfoot" (1965) suggested that his perennial youthfulness limited him in middle age, but Carpenter went on to rack up over 6,000 TV appearances, toured widely in "Hello, Dolly!" with various star divas in the title role, and began publishing mystery novels. A handful of feature film returns included a teaming with old 1950s pal Farley Granger for the derivative horror film "The Prowler" (1981). He also made welcome returns to the stage, such as his assuming the role of the heroine's father on Broadway in the longrunning, nostalgic "Crazy for You" in the 90s.



Was featured in the stage musical "Legacy", produced in San Jose, California


Returned to Broadway to take over the role of Everett Baker, the leading lady's father, in the longrunning musical comedy revamp of the Gershwins' 1930 "Girl Crazy", "Crazy for You"


Returned to films again to play a role in "Some of My Best Friends Are"


Starred alongside Edgar Buchanan in a two-part comedy pilot for CBS, broadcast as part of "Vacation Playhouse", "Luke and the Tenderfoot"


Played the recurring role of Jerry Franklin on the CBS comedy, "Pete and Gladys", starring Harry Morgan and Cara Williams in the title roles


Returned to films after a six-year absence with a supporting role in "Up Periscope"


Left MGM; last film there, "Take the High Ground"


Played first leading roles in features in "Sky Full of Moon" and "Fearless Fagan"


Put under contract at MGM


made feature film debut in "Lost Boundaries"


Broadway debut, "Bright Boy"


Joined the Navy during WWII, serving with the Seabees in the South Pacific (Date approximate)


Toured with carnival during the summer at age nine, working as a magician


Started singing and dancing professionally at age four

Returned to films again to play supporting roles in "Simon" and "The Prowler"

Played Cornelius Hackle in the stage musical comedy "Hello, Dolly!", first with Ginger Rogers and Betty Grable in the title role, later with Carol Channing on tour and with Mary Martin in productions staged in Japan, Vietnam and Korea