Carmen Tabanyi


Production Management (6)

The Darkness 2016 (Movie)

(Script Supervisor)

The Boy Next Door 2015 (Movie)

(Script Supervisor)

At Middleton 2014 (Movie)

(Script Supervisor)

Edge of Tomorrow 2014 (Movie)

(Script Supervisor)

Szabadsag, Szerelem 2006 (Movie)

(Script Supervisor)

The Attic Door 2006 (Movie)

(Script Supervisor)
Other (5)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 (Movie)

(to Mr. Crane) (Assistant)

Rollerball 2002 (Movie)

(to John McTiernan) (Assistant)

Sunshine 2000 (Movie)

(to Ralph Fiennes) (Assistant)

Idle Hands 1999 (Movie)

(Production Assistant)

Dance With Me 1998 (Movie)

(to Randa Haines) (Post-Production Assistant)