Carole Lombard

Actor, Comedian
It was a testament to Carole Lombard's remarkably unique talents that her star shone brightest during some of the darkest days in U. S. history. Throughout the 1930s, while millions of Americans struggled to survive ... Read more »
Born: 10/06/1908 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA


Actor (39)

To Be or Not to Be 1941 (Movie)

Maria Tura (Actor)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 1940 (Movie)

Ann Krausheimer Smith (Actor)

Nothing Sacred 1936 (Movie)

Hazel Flagg (Actor)

Swing High, Swing Low 1936 (Movie)


My Man Godfrey 1935 (Movie)


Twentieth Century 1934 (Movie)

Lily Garland (Actor)

The Eagle and the Hawk 1932 (Movie)

The Beautiful Lady (Actor)

Best Man (TV Show)


Big News (Movie)

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White Woman (Movie)



It was a testament to Carole Lombard's remarkably unique talents that her star shone brightest during some of the darkest days in U. S. history. Throughout the 1930s, while millions of Americans struggled to survive under the crushing weight of the Great Depression, Lombard reigned as Hollywood's premier comedic actress - anointed by LIFE magazine as "America's Screwball Queen." Elegant but accessible, beautiful but unpretentious, Lombard was a study in contrasts who nevertheless fostered a strong sense of identification with her audience who knew her every quirk both on- and off-screen. Her fans recognized in her a small-town girl who had made good, and their embrace of her bordered on the worshipful. Lombard's celebrated union to Clark Gable, the "King of Hollywood," only cemented her status as a beloved icon in her own time and one-half of the most fabled coupling in Tinseltown history. In comedy classics like "Twentieth Century" (1934), "My Man Godfrey" (1936), and "Nothing Sacred" (1937), she stole every scene she was in, ensuring her place in film history. Sadly, it was a history cut short when, after selling war bonds for a country recently attacked at Pearl Harbor, the patriotic actress died in an airplane crash in 1942, leaving behind a devastated nation and even more devastated husband. For fans, her posthumously released final film, the brilliant and timeless Ernst Lubitsch Nazi satire "To Be or Not to Be" (1942) was her final gift to the world, containing perhaps her best performance in a career unlike any other.


Russ Columbo Song

accidentally killed by a shotgun at age 26 on September 14, 1934 had been child prodigy

Clark Gable Actor

Co-starred in "No Man of Her Own" (1932) Began dating 1936 Lombard waited years until Gable could obtain a divorce from then-wife Ria Langham Married March 29, 1939 until her death in a plane crash Jan. 16, 1942

Charles Knight

was a director of the company that laid the first transatlantic cable

Frederic Peters

injured leg in an elevator accident separated from Elizabeth Knight in October 1914

Elizabeth Peters

killed in plane crash with Lombard on January 16, 1942

Frederic Peters

born in 1902

Stuart Peters

born in 1907

J Peters


William Powell Actor

Born on June 29, 1892 met in October 1930 married on June 26, 1931 co-starred in "Man of the World" and "Ladies' Man" divorced on August 18, 1933 died on March 5, 1984

Robert Riskin

wrote Lombard's vehicle "Virtue" (1932) best known for his collaborations with director Frank Capra


Marian Nolks Dramatic School

Los Angeles , California

Cahuenga Grammar School

Los Angeles , California
made first public appearance as Queen of the May in a school pageant

Virgil Intermediate School

Los Angeles , California
dropped out at age 15; won medals for sprinting and high jumping



Portrayed by Jill Clayburgh in the film, "Gable and Lombard"


Transcontinental and Western air luxury liner (TWA) carrying Lombard, her mother and MGM publicist Otto Winkler among the 18 passengers crashed into Table Rock Mountain and burned thirty miles southwest of Las Vegas NV (January 16); Lombard was returning


Made final film, "To Be or Not to Be"


Had signed with Columbia to make "He Kissed the Bride" with Melvyn Douglas; Joan Crawford substituted after Lombard's death and film was retitled "They All Kissed the Bride"


Made several dramatic films in a row beginning with "Made for Each Other"


Starred opposite William Powell in "My Man Godfrey"


Played breakthrough role opposite John Barrymore in the Howard Hawks comedy, "Twentieth Century"


Paramount's cast credits for "Safety in Numbers" accidentally spelled first name with an extra "e" at end; later publicity copy claimed that Lombard had been advised by a numerologist to change her name from Carol to Carole on the theory that the added "e


Signed to a seven-year star's contract by Paramount


Signed by director Paul Stein to a contract with Pathe; starred as lead in "Show Folks" with Eddie Quillan and Lina Basquette


Hired by Mack Sennett for a series (13) of two-reeler slapstick comedies with Sally Eilers and Daphne Pollard


Returned to Fox where she found her contract had lapsed


Signed by Fox Film Corporation executive whom she met at a dinner and made first film under Fox contract, "Hearts and Spurs" (as Carol Lombard; surname was borrowed from her mother's friend Harry Lombard)


Her face was disfigured in a car accident in which some glass was driven into her face; returned to screen after plastic surgery; small scar on one cheek remained; it generally was covered over with makeup and photographic retouching, but could be seen ve


Spotted playing baseball in the street by director Allan Dwan who signed her to play a tomboy in her film debut, at age 12 in "A Perfect Crime"


Moved to Los Angeles with mother and brothers when parents separated

Joined an amateur theater group, The Potboilers, while a teen

Danced professionally at the Coconut Grove nightclub at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles

Free-lanced for a number of studios

Pathe contract lapsed; became a freelance player

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At the time of her death, Lombard was earning $500,000 a year as the highest paid female star.