Carrie Fisher Loses 50 Pounds in Nine Months

Carrie Fisher Loses 50 Pounds in Nine Months

In the world of Hollywood, less is always more. Every guy had a poster of Princess Leia in the gold bikini hung up on their wall while growing up (hey, maybe they still do, I’m not one to judge), but what has happened to Jabba’s little love slave?

Over the years Carrie Fisher has let herself go and become less than bikini ready, to put it lightly (or not so light in her case). But now the author-actress has pulled a complete 180 and lost 50 pounds over the course of nine months. The Jenny Craig spokesman unveiled her latest (and fittest) self on Wednesday’s Today Show and it was quite a difference. She looked great, or in the words of host Ann Curry “beeeeeeeeauuuuuutiful.” See for yourself:

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When asked where the rest of her was, Fisher said “If I knew I don’t want to know, because then I’d have to go get it.” Before the weight loss, Carrie describes her struggles with being overweight admitting, “I couldn’t leave the house [to go shopping], because they didn’t have sizes [large enough]. I exhausted the alphabet on bra sizes.” The actress also claimed that it got to a point where she could no longer look at herself in the mirror. After this huge transformation though, she no longer has any worries or problems going shopping now, although she refuses to go sleeveless at her age.

As to the secret to her success, Fischer attributes Jenny Craig’s cereal and also credits her consultant who allowed her “to complain to, stamp my fat foot and say I didn’t want to do it.” So while she won’t be slipping back into the gold bikini any time soon, the actress deserves high praise for battling the dark side of the bulge and winning — congrats!

Source: People