Cary Grant

Actor, Juggler, Acrobat
Cary Grant was the quintessential movie star - a leading man whose light comic touch, effortlessly debonair screen presence, and devastating good looks proved timeless in their appeal. After escaping a truly Dickensian ... Read more »
Born: 01/18/1904 in Bristol, England, GB


Actor (72)

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Himself (Actor)

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I Was a Male War Bride 1949 (Movie)

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Every Girl Should Be Married 1948 (Movie)

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Cary Grant (Actor)

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The Philadelphia Story 1940 (Movie)

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Cary Grant was the quintessential movie star - a leading man whose light comic touch, effortlessly debonair screen presence, and devastating good looks proved timeless in their appeal. After escaping a truly Dickensian childhood in England and paying his dues on the American vaudeville circuit, Grant landed his first leading roles in such features as "She Done Him Wrong" (1933). Having gained notoriety in romantic-comedies like "The Awful Truth" (1937), he went on to star opposite a cavalcade of Hollywood's most luminous leading ladies, including Irene Dunne, Ingrid Bergman, Ginger Rogers, Katharine Hepburn, Eva Marie Saint and Grace Kelly. Classics like "Bringing Up Baby" (1938) paired the star with many of the greatest directors of the golden age of cinema, including Howard Hawks, George Cukor, Frank Capra, Stanley Donen and, most notably, Alfred Hitchcock. For nearly 30 years, Grant remained a major box office draw in hit films that included "Gunga Din" (1939), "His Girl Friday" (1940), "The Philadelphia Story" (1941), "Notorious" (1946), "To Catch a Thief" (1955), "North by Northwest" (1959) and "Charade" (1963). So indelible was his contribution to cinema that he was ranked No. 2 on the American Film Institute's list of the 25 Greatest Screen Legends of All Time in 1999, surpassed only by Humphrey Bogart. Perhaps best summing up the myth and reality of the persona he had become so closely identified with, Grant himself once said, "I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be, and, finally, I became that person. Or he became me."


Dyan Cannon Actor

married from 1965 to 1968

Virginia Cherrill Actor

Married in 1933 divorced in 1935 died in November 1996 at age 88

Betsy Drake Actor

Married in 1949 divorced in 1959 acted opposite Grant in her film debut, "Every Girl Should Be Married" (1948) and "Room for One More" (1952)

Jennifer Grant Actor

Born on February 26, 1966 mother, Dyan Cannon

Barbara Harris Grant Assistant

Married April 11, 1981 until his death Nov. 29, 1986

Barbara Hutton

heiress to the Woolworth fortune socialite married in 1942 divorced in 1945

Elias Leach


Elsie Leach

institutionalized in mental hospital when Grant was aged 12

Ginger Rogers Actor


Randolph Scott Actor

Shared living quarters for many years when both were struggling performers as well as between marriages

Susan Sullivan Actor




Last film, "Walk, Don't Run"


First film with Alfred Hitchcock, "Suspicion"


Confirmed his star status with the landmark screwball comedy, "The Awful Truth"


Made feature film debut in a supporting role in "This Is the Night"


Appeared in the film short, "Singapore Sue"


First role on the British stage


Arrived in New York with acrobatic troupe


Joined a travelling acrobatic troupe

Attracted notice as Mae West's leading man in "She Done Him Wrong" (1932) and "I'm No Angel" (1933)