See the First Pictures of Casey Anthony, Who Is Back in Court and Totally Poor

Casey Anthony Court

There was no hiding behind a big black hat today for Casey Anthony, who appeared in court for the first time since being declared not guilty for the death of her daughter Caylee two years ago. She was in a Tampa courtroom for a bankruptcy hearing where she said that she is unemployed and hasn’t made any money from book deals or other ways to sell her story to the public (that is probably for the best). She admitted that she doesn’t pay rent or utilities and has been living off the “kindness of strangers” like another tragic Southern belle. I mean Blance DuBois but, of course, she got courted off to the mental institution at the end of A Streetcar Named Desire, so that’s probably not the best path for Ms. Anthony. 

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According the Associated Press, Anthony claims that she has only $1000 in assets and more than three quarters of a million dollars in debt. She owes her former lawyer $500,000 and almost $150,000 to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for investigation fees. Hey, no one said freedom comes cheap. 

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[Photo Credit: Brian Blanco/AP Photo]

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