Catherine Zeta-Jones

Actor, Singer, Dancer
Welsh-born actress Catherine Zeta-Jones captivated both U. S. audiences and one of film's most prominent leading men, establishing her as Hollywood royalty seemingly overnight. Following more than a decade's worth of ... Read more »
Born: 09/24/1969 in United Kingdom


Actor (57)

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Catherine the Great (Actor)

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Welsh-born actress Catherine Zeta-Jones captivated both U. S. audiences and one of film's most prominent leading men, establishing her as Hollywood royalty seemingly overnight. Following more than a decade's worth of work on the stages of Britain, Zeta-Jones broke out in a big way opposite Antonio Banderas in the swashbuckling adventure, "The Mask of Zorro" (1998). After a pair of unremarkable mainstream efforts, she earned critical acclaim for her turn in Steven Soderbergh's drama "Traffic" (2000), co-starring her future husband, Hollywood icon Michael Douglas. Zeta-Jones later drew upon her extensive musical theater background for her Oscar-winning performance in Rob Marshall's adaptation of "Chicago" (2002). Critical and commercial disappointments such as the Coen Brothers' dark-comedy "Intolerable Cruelty" (2003) were balanced by bright spots like a supporting turn in Soderbergh's heist sequel, "Ocean's Twelve" (2004), but Zeta-Jones increasingly chose to devote her time to her and Douglas' growing family. A Tony Award for her Broadway performance in "A Little Night Music," Douglas' battle with throat cancer, and her own hospitalization for a bipolar disorder were just a few of the high and low points that marked a tumultuous period for Zeta-Jones between 2009 and 2011. Eventually, she returned to screens in several feature films, the musical, "Rock of Ages" (2012), among them. Almost preternaturally beautiful and talented, Zeta-Jones remained one of film's more impressive leading ladies.


Michael Douglas Actor

Began dating in spring 1999 Announced engagement in January 2000 Married on Nov. 18, 2000 at the Plaza Hotel in NYC; they shared the same birthday, making him exactly 25 years her senior

Dylan Douglas

Born Aug. 8, 2000; father, Michael Douglas

Catherine Fair

Maternal grandmother Zeta-Jones was named after her

Nick Hamm Actor

Hamm directed Zeta-Jones in "Out of the Blue" (1991) No longer together

Mick Hucknall Actor

No longer together

David Jones


Patricia Jones


David Jones

Born c. 1967

Lyndon Jones

Born c. 1972 works for Zeta-Jones' production company

Zeta Jones

Paternal grandmother Source of Zeta-Jones' stage name

John Leslie

Met in 1991 and dated for 18 months No longer together

Angus MacFadyen Actor

Briefly engaged in 1995 No longer together

Paul McGann Actor

Co-starred in the A&E movie "Catherine the Great" (1995) No longer together

Jon Peters Actor

Zeta-Jones reportedly turned down Peter's marriage proposal in 1996 No longer together

Carys Zeta Douglas

Born April 20, 2003; father, Michael Douglas


Arts Educational Schools

Dumbarton House School

Left school to further her acting ambitions without obtaining O levels

Arts Educational Schools



Cast opposite Channing Tatum and Jude Law in Steven Soderbergh directed thriller "Side Effects"


Co-starred with Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe in crime drama "Broken City"


Co-starred with Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel in romantic comedy "Playing for Keeps"


Played the wife of a sports gambler (Bruce Willis) in comedy feature "Lay the Favorite"; film based on memoir by Beth Raymer


Played the mayor of Los Angeles' wife and main antagonist in feature adaptation of stage musical "Rock of Ages"


Named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in London


Played a 40-year old mother of two who falls in love with a younger man in romantic comedy "The Rebound"


Made Broadway debut in revival of Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler's "A Little Night Music"


Starred as a master chef in romantic comedy "No Reservations"


Re-teamed with Antonio Banderas and director Martin Campbell in epic adventure "The Legend of Zorro"


Starred as a flight attendant who falls for an immigrant (Tom Hanks) living in a New York airport in Steven Spielberg's "The Terminal"


Joined ensemble cast of "Ocean's Twelve" as a love interest to Brad Pitt's Rusty Ryan


Played serial divorcée Marilyn Rexroth in the Coen brothers' "Intolerable Cruelty" opposite George Clooney


Used voice to bring character of Marina to life in animated feature "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas"


Cast as murderess Velma Kelly in film version of hit Broadway musical "Chicago"; received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress


Became spokesperson for T-Mobile, replacing Jamie Lee Curtis


Featured in romantic comedy "America's Sweethearts"


Delivered memorable supporting role as John Cusack's beautiful but callous former girlfriend in "High Fidelity"


Played the unsuspecting wife of a drug lord in Steven Soderbergh's acclaimed drama "Traffic"; received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress


Starred opposite Sean Connery in "Entrapment"


Appeared alongside Liam Neeson and Lili Taylor in remake of "The Haunting"


Landed breakthrough screen role opposite Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas in "The Mask of Zorro"


Cast as evil aviatrix Sala in action film "The Phantom"


Made U.S. miniseries debut in "Titanic" (CBS)


Played title role in German miniseries "Catherine the Great" (A&E)


Starred in CBS TV movie " The Return of the Native"


First appeared on American television on an episode of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" (ABC)


Cast as Mariette on successful British television adaptation of H. E. Bates' "The Darling Buds of May"


Made feature film debut in title role of Philippe de Broca's Les "Les 1001 Niuits" (also known as "Sheherazade")


Toured with production of "The Pajama Game"


Landed lead role in the West End production of "42nd Street" after the actress playing Peggy Sawyer and understudy fell ill


Made professional acting debut playing the lead in a production of "Annie" at Swansea Grand Theatre in Wales

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Commenting on America, Catherine Zeta-Jones told Movieline (February 1998): "Generally, people here seem to be on Prozac, and sometimes I wish I was."


"The media obsession with my personal life was completely out of hand, and it wasn't self-inflicted. I was just a working actress, and I couldn't afford the protection I needed." – Zeta-Jones on leaving Britain, to Premiere magazine, July 1998


"Listen, I used to do that no-makeup, straight-hair, really-dark-coat, frumpy thing so many actresses do, because I was told to. When I asked why I was supposed to look like I slept under a bridge all night, I was told, 'You shouldn't go in looking glamorous, because casting people and directors want to see you looking natural.' But I wasn't getting hired, so finally I said, 'Oh, bollocks! Can't I just wear my Gucci clogs? What do you mean my character wouldn't wear them? I wear them.' Only when I started going to auditions as myself, dolled up, did I get work." – Zeta-Jones on her glamorous image, and how it doesn't fit in with current Hollywood ideals, to Details magazine, May 1999


"She's got that X-factor. Lauren Bacall had it. Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, they all had that great style and poise, And Catherine's got it." – fellow Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins on the appeal of Zeta-Jones to The Los Angeles Times, April 30, 1999


"I don't think it comes from the public, I think it comes from people who make decisions [in Hollywood]. Look at the way Hitchcok used women. In those days, you were allowed to be smart, you were allowed to be funny. I think a lot of people are afraid of women who have a lot to offer." – Zeta-Jones on being pigeonholed by her looks, to the Daily News, May 3, 1999


"That's me up on the balance beam, doing back flips. I never had a problem with heights and as far as all that stuff on the skyscrapers, that's with harnesses and matting. It was only after I watched on the monitors that I wondered if I was out of my mind." – Zeta-Jones on her stunts in "The Mask of Zorro" to Newsday magazine, May 10, 1999


"I don't dwell on it, but those people who said I couldn't do it were a bit of an incentive. And I suppose it did give me a little bit of 'Well, up yours, I'll show you', kind of attitude." – Zeta-Jones on what drives her to succeed, to The Times London, July 1, 1999


"I found her to be a little calculating. She seemed like a climber. She was very aware of how to use sex to charm men and to get ahead. It seemed like a bit of an act." – an unnamed male interviewer on Zeta-Jones, quoted in the New York Post, Aug. 17, 1999


"I've never dated anybody the same age as me. I think it's because I love the knowledge older men have." – Zeta-Jones quoted in People magazine, Oct. 11, 1999


"She has an extraordinary knack for making everyone feel at home with her. On top of that, she had this self-deprecating sense of humor and pure intelligence and blinding beauty. When you look at her background you wonder, 'From whither this flower came?' Take away the Zeta and she's just Cathy Jones from Wales." – production designer Eugenio Zanetti on Zeta-Jones to People magazine, Jan. 24, 2000


In March 2000, a lawsuit was filed against Zeta-Jones by film editor Petra von Oelffen, who was a passenger in the actress' car when it was involved in an accident.


"She's an awesome talent. I think I'm passé. Our housekeeper in Majorca had a list of friends who wanted Catherine's signed photos. All these years and the housekeeper's never asked me for anything." – Michael Douglas quoted in US Weekly, Jan. 20, 2003


Catherine was named one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" for 2004.


On Oct. 21, 2004, Zeta-Jones filed a lawsuit against the Spice House "Reno's Friendliest Topless Cabaret" for the unauthorized use of her photo on its web site.


In February 2005, Dawnette Knight pleaded quilty to one felony count of stalking and three felony counts of making criminal threats to the Oscar-winning "Chicago" star, Zeta-Jones' agent, and her husband Michael Douglas.


On Feb. 24, 2011, Zeta-Jones was honored by Prince Charles, who made her a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) at Buckingham Palace in London. The Oscar winner was recognized for her film and charity work.


In April 2011, Zeta-Jones' rep confirmed to that the actress was hospitalized for bi-polar disorder.