Caught on Tape! Brolin, Wright Arrest

TMZ released a shocking new video today of Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright’s arrests after a bar brawl in Louisiana last summer.

A cell phone videographer captured the W stars huddled together while being blasted with pepper spray and then being separated by police. As Brolin is handcuffed and forced to kneel on the sidewalk, Wright is laid in the street and tasered repeatedly – all to the protests from the camera woman.

Watch it now

Brolin, Wright and five others from the film were charged with misdemeanors July 12 when a fight broke out at the Stray Cat Club in Shreveport. Brolin and Wright were also accused of interfering with police officers.

Los Angeles attorney Blair Berk told the Associated Press that Shreveport prosecutors agreed today to drop the misdemeanor charges against all seven of the cast and crew within 60 days.

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