CBS “Concerned” About Charlie Sheen “On A Personal Level”

Charlie SheenLife is unfair. I know that. It’s been beaten into my head since that one day in Kindergarten when Carmen San Diego wasn’t in Rome, despite every clue leading me to believe she was (screw you, Venice). But this just goes so far beyond all levels of unfairness that it requires an entire news post about it and once again, like everything unfair about life, it involves Charlie Sheen.

Sheen’s had quite a few rough nights in the past six months. A hooker accused him of beating her during a coke-fueled rage. Sequentially, he was barely patted on the wrist for that while still bringing in $2 million per episode for Two and a Half Men. Just last week he was spotted hanging out at the annual adult entertainment awards show where he later engaged in an orgy involving at least one porn star. And he did all while having to be at work the next day at ten. Needless to say, he hopped in a private jet and made it.

“We have a high level of concern. How could we not? This man is a father. He’s got children. He has a family. So obviously there’s concern on a personal level. But you can’t look at it simplistically. Charlie is professional. He comes to work. He does his job extremely well. It’s very complicated. He knows the level of concern we have. Everybody is doing their job and things are continuing as planned,” said CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler.

So that’s it. CBS has been working with Sheen for a long time now. I the network has come to expect the actor’s brash behavior; the violent rages, car crashes, and porn star binges are the norm for him. Whatever. Give him more money. I’m sure that will help.

Source: Hollywood Reporter