Cecilia Cheung

Born: 05/23/1980


Actor (19)

Everyday is a Valentine 2014 (Movie)

Wonderful (Actor)

Dangerous Liaisons 2012 (Movie)

Mo Jieyu (Actor)

The 601st Phone Call 2006 (Movie)


The Promise 2006 (Movie)

Qingcheng (Actor)

Himalaya Singh 2005 (Movie)


Shaolin Soccer 2004 (Movie)

Slender Dragon Team Player (Actor)

The White Dragon 2004 (Movie)

Black Phoenix / White Dragon Jr. (Actor)

Honesty 2003 (Movie)


Lost in Time 2003 (Movie)


Running on Karma 2003 (Movie)


Para Para Sakura 2001 (Movie)


Zu Warriors (Remake) 2001 (Movie)

Enigma (Actor)

Failan 2000 (Movie)

Kang Failan (Actor)

Tokyo Raiders 2000 (Movie)

Saori (Actor)

12 Ye 1999 (Movie)

Jeannie (Actor)

Lat sau wui cheun 1999 (Movie)

Yan (Actor)

Sing yun 1999 (Movie)

Autumn (Actor)

Heikek Chi Wong 1998 (Movie)

Piu-Piu (Actor)

Cat and Mouse (Movie)