Cee-Lo, Nicki Minaj & LMFAO May Perform at the Superbowl

cee lo greenWe’ve known for a while that Madonna will be the main event at this year’s Superbowl halftime show, but now with the big game less than two weeks away, rumors are starting to circulate regarding who else will perform. Word has it that the likes of Nicki Minaj (joined by M.I.A.), LMFAO, and Cee-Lo are possibly candidates, but of course nothing has been confirmed by their reps just yet.

However, the gossip isn’t totally without merit. In fact, Will.i.am recently told a British radio station that he knew for a fact LMFAO would be performing during halftime, and he doesn’t have much reason to lie about something like that – although, after the Black Eyed Peas performance from last year, it’s hard to get much value from what he has to say. Still, I really hope this isn’t true. LMFAO? Really? Was the budget really low this year or something? The group’s name speaks for itself. Perhaps the Super Bowl coordinators are going for quantity over quality.

Additionally, Minaj’s less than subtle shout-out to the “2012 Superbowl” in her music video for “Stupid Hoe,” leaves us pretty confident that she’ll be gracing us with her presence as well. We’re down if it means Sophia Grace and Rosie could sing with her. Someone get Ellen DeGeneres on the phone and make this happen!

But the more surprising news is Cee-Lo’s possible appearance, especially since multiple sources claim he’ll actually be singing with Madonna. It kind of seems like an odd pairing, right? But hey, it may be fun and I’m up for watching anything besides the actual football that will inevitably take place that night. He’d certainly bring a new sound to Madge’s legendary songs (although I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing), but we’ll just have to wait and see what they come up with. Last year’s half-time performance set the bar pretty low, so maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Source: NY Mag