Celeb Speak: Anne Hathaway Finds It Easier to Be Naked Than British

You know that nightmare everyone gets about being naked? No, not sex dreams. I’m talking about when you dream you’re in a crowded area, all eyes are on you, and you suddenly realized that you’re completely naked, which makes you wake up in a cold sweat. I hate those dreams because it leaves you feeling so exposed and embarrassed. Luckily, Anne Hathaway never has to experience dealing with these dreams because she’s totally fine walking around in the buff in front of people.

In fact, she’s so comfortable with it that in an interview with The Sun she admits to finding it much easier to be naked than developing a British accent for her recent film One Day. Hathaway confesses, “I was more nervous about the accent than nudity. I mean, you can do sit-ups as prep for the nudity. But there aren’t a lot of vocal sit-ups that you can do.” Right now celebrity vocal coaches everywhere are sitting at their computer and shaking their heads at this statement.

The actress continues to to explain her logic by suggesting, “Maybe it’s because I have more experience in my life being naked than pretending to be British I got more comfortable quickly with the nudity than I did with the accent.” Well one simply requires the ability to remove clothing from ones body, while the other needs at least some cognitive activity and talent to happen in order for the goal to be achieved, so I guess it’s good that she goes with her strengths.

Try as she might though, the accent never really became second nature while filming the movie. The Devil Wears Prada star said that “I was a little disappointed because I hoped I would start dreaming in the accent. You know, that one morning I would just wake up and be in the accent. But that never happened.” This just goes to show that the theory of developing accents through osmosis is only just a myth. Oh Anne, the things you say, but I’ll give you this — you can bust out a rap like nobody’s business.

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Source: Fox News