Celeb Speak: Daniel Radcliffe Would Stalk Katy Perry and Spy on Scarlett Johansson

Daniel RadcliffeMaybe it’s the accent. Maybe it’s the youthful energy. Maybe it’s the trust we’ve instilled in him through a decade of Harry Potter movies, but somehow, Daniel Radcliffe can say absolutely anything and still be considered insuperably charming. The lovable weirdo tests the waters once more with a recent remark about a couple of his celebrity crushes…and how he wishes he had some of the Hogwarts magic in real life so that he could use it to stalk and spy on them.

Young Radcliffe spoke with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night on the subject at hand after a caller posed a provocative question. Those who are up to date on their Radcliffisms know that the Woman in Black star has a thing for one Katy Perry. Apparently, that innocent boyhood crush is enough to drive him to stalking. Okay, to be fair, he only posed the scenario of him stalking Perry as a hypothetical after a caller asked him who he’d stalk if he could. But even if it were to manifest into reality, Danielle Radcliffe might be the only person who can pull off stalking charmingly.

As for who he’d spy on (I’m not quite sure what the legal difference is, but we’ll let the fates deal with that), Radcliffe set his sights from music sensation to big screen star: Scarlett Johansson. Radcliffe admitted to Cohen that if he had the power of invisibility so coveted by many a Potter fan, he’d use it to lurk in Johansson’s room and spy on her, admitting, “otherwise I reckon I wouldn’t get in there.” Oh, you creepy little man. Why do we still love you so much?

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Source: Celebuzz