Celeb Speak: Holly Madison Bitter Over Hef’s Engagement?

Holly MadisonIt sure sounds that way. After the news hit that Hugh Hefner was engaged to his latest blonde girlfriend, Crystal Harris, former girlfriend and fan of the pet name “Puffin,” Holly Madison, said she was “surprised.” For those of you who don’t speak lady, that “surprised” really means, “WHAT THE HELL? Who does this bitch think she is? I should be the one with the engagement ring!” Of course, this is just what it normally means in ladyland, who knows what Holly meant by it. (Side note: where the hell did “Puffin” come from? Wait, I probably don’t want to know.)

Then again, after that she went and blabbed to Life and Style, saying “Basically, I think he could do better.” YIKES. Translation from girl-speak: “Oh helllllll no.”

Now she’s back-peddling a bit, but not well enough if you ask me. Just today, she told E! “I just hope they’re both happy and they’ve thought it through and that they’ve made the right decision. If so, I’m totally happy for them.” Diplomatic? Kind of, but to be honest it just sounds like every friend I’ve ever had when she’s talking about her ex-boyfriend who she’s still not over when he gets a new lady. Just admit it Holly, you’re jealous. Hell, you’re really, REALLY jealous. We all know it. We saw you try and groom Hef into, well, a groom for years on The Girls Next Door. She’s not fooling anyone with her hesitant and less than encouraging comments. No one believes she’s over it; why else would she have dated Criss Angel immediately after the man who created Playboy? I mean come on.

Source: E!