Celeb Speak: Kendra Wilkinson Says Hugh Hefner’s Ex is a ‘Backstabber’

kendra wilkinsonIt’s no more Miss Nice Bunny.  Kendra Wilkinson decided that she hasn’t been getting enough press these days after her little stint on Dancing With The Stars, so she’s speaking out about how awful Crystal Harris has been to poor old Hugh Hefner. First Harris leaves Hef at the altar and then proceeds to tell Howard Stern that he lasted “two seconds” in bed (like we couldn’t have guessed that anyway). Either way, Kendra thinks it’s wrong and must speak out on behalf of her old boyfriend. I mean, yes, Kendra is also guilty of exposing her relationship with the magazine mogul in her tell-all book, Sliding Into Home, but evidently Crystal crossed a line and took the details too far. Even claiming that you held hands with the Playboy King is probably giving way too many details — not to mention the fact that it makes my skin crawl — but hey, that’s just me. 

During a recent interview with People Magazine, Kendra commented on Harris’ recent actions saying, “Her situation is a lot more harsh…she was about to get married to him. I would have never agreed to get married to him.”

Aside from the fact that she just gave Hef a backhanded compliment, she really shouldn’t talk since she had no qualms about dishing the dirt on her sex life with the 85-year-old in her book AND she made a profit from it! So, let’s not be too quick to point fingers, my dear. 

Kendra goes on to describe her understood relationship with Hef saying, “He knew that we were friends. I knew that we were friends. But to [plan to] get married and then be a backstabber to someone like that – to take it to that level and then go and backstab, that’s, like, cruel, you know?” Like totally. I try to always look at the positive side of things though. Crystal could have married Hef even though she didn’t love him and then proceed to cheat on him or just use him for his money. She got cold feet and did what she had to do. She didn’t want to waste her life being unhappy. Every second (or two seconds) counts.

Source: People