Celeb Speak: Michael Fassbender Thinks He’s Just a Flash in The Pan

Michael FassbenderWow, Fassy’s so humble! (For those of you who live in the real world and call actors by their real names like adults with jobs and electric bills, Fassy is a terrible nickname for actor Michael Fassbender of Shame and Inglourious Basterds.) The actor was recently quoted saying that he’s “like a hula hoop.” You probably need something to help explain that, yes? Well, it’s basically Fassbender’s way of saying that while his star is on a rapid rise thanks to buzzy films like A Dangerous Method and Shame – and then there’s that part where he’s wildly attractive – he’s just taking a turn on the wheel of fame. 

He told UK publication, The Metro, that “Nothing changes. My life continues how it is. It really is that simple…All this other stuff… it’s kind of like the hula hoop. You know the hula hoop comes into fashion and everybody’s doing the hula hoop and three years later it’s that bouncing space hopper or the skateboard. So at the moment, a sort of amount of attention comes my way but it is what it is.” The man is topping famous hottie lists left and right and making movie goers the world over swoon uncontrollably, yet he’s completely grounded. This probably means he’s just on his way to that Clooney/Witherspoon/Pitt section of the A-List – as much as he thinks his 15 minutes are almost up. Everyone loves a gracious, talented (and gorgeous) actor. 
As it stands now, most of us are probably betting that Fassbender’s words are just modesty, because with his timeless manliness and obvious talent it would be a waste to let him become just another hula hoop. Plus, once George Clooney makes jokes about your -er- equipment at the Golden Globes, you’re in the club. 
Do you think Fassbender is in the fame game for long haul? Or is he right? (Say it ain’t so!)
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Source: UKPA