Celebrate Eminem’s 40th Birthday With 22 Things That Are As Old As He Is


You may need to give the real Slim Shady just a little more time to stand up: He’s officially over the hill at age 40. I know, I know. That’s crazy. But math doesn’t lie and Marshall Mathers was born Oct. 17, 1972 in Missouri. That means Eminem is 40. Mind. Blown.

His mature age is certainly going to make any performances of “The Real Slim Shady” feel just a little off and it gives a whole new meaning to this agist passage: “‘Cause at the rate I’m goin’ when I’m thirty/ I’ll be the only person in the nursin’ home flirting/ Pinchin’ nurses’ asses when I’m j***in off with Jergens.” Where’s your walker, Mr. Mathers?

If this fun little fact didn’t blow your mind sufficiently, we’ve gathered a list of people and things who have also celebrated their 40th birthdays this year:


The Transamerica Building
The Clean Water Act
Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie

The series finale of Bewitched

Carnival Cruises

The Eagles

George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television”

The Miami Dolphins

Nerf Basketball

“Hey, Mikey! He likes it!”

Wil Wheaton

The Godfather

“School’s Out” by Alice Cooper

The Price is Right*

The Egg McMuffin

The Joy of Sex

The Watergate Scandal

Miss Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


That’s right, in the same year as little Marshall took his first breath, Jack Woltz woke up to find a horse head in his bed and Richard Nixon began his descent into crook territory. Crazy.  

*The “new” Price is Right reboot with Bob Barker launched in 1972.

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