Leonardo DiCaprio, Jaden Smith, and 6 Other Celebrities Hiding from Paparazzi

Credit: La Pira/Brussa/Splash News

We normal folk take for granted our strolls down the street or meals out at public restaurants. Although the celebrity community might be far more able to afford said meals (and strolls… strolls are getting pricey, you know), they have to deal with one nagging factor: paparazzi. Yes, Hollywood stars can barely go anywhere without being caught on camera by diligent reporters… which is why many of them have resorted to going incognito. Whether it’s just a relaxing amble they’re after, or perhaps an attempt to conceal embarrassment after a publicized spectacle, these eight individuals have donned masks, blankets, and even a giant doughnut in an effort to keep from being noticed. Unfortunately for them, it resulted in our photo gallery… no hardly a success story. Check it out!

8 Celebrities Hiding from Paparazzi

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