Celebrities vs. Superbowl 2014: Twitter Roundup

Kate Upton, SuperbowlKate Upton/Twitter

Seattle may have owned the 2014 Superbowl last week, but the real stars were online on Twitter. Live-tweeting has turned everyone and their iPhone into a bona fide commentator, and some of the best tweets came from our favorite celebrities. Tyra Banks was clearly watching America’s Next Top Footballer, Aziz Ansari made us all laugh-weep for the days of Friday Night Lights, and Hillary Clinton threw some beautiful shade towards Fox, making her the real winner of the Superbowl. 

Ryan Seacrest

Aziz Ansari

Ellen DeGeneres

Nina Dobrev

Tyra Banks

Hillary Clinton

Kate Upton

Ronan Farrow

Mindy Kaling