12 Celebrities You Forgot Appeared In ‘Fall Out Boy’ Music Videos

If you’re like us and randomly watch Fall Out Boy music videos (old and new) on YouTube, you might have wondered once or twice, “Do they have celebrities in a lot of their music videos?” The answer to that question is yes, yes they do.

Kim Kardashian – “Thnks fr th Mmrs”


Before she was trying to break the internet or selling books with selfies of herself, Kim K was in this 2007 music video. Doesn’t she look like a completely different person?

Travis McCoy – “Dance, Dance”


Travis McCoy has a little cameo in this music video and reprises that cameo role as well in “This Aint a Scene, It’s An Arms Race” and “A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More Touch Me”.

Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses), Tyga, Pharrell, Mark Hoppus, and Spencer Pratt – “I Don’t Care”


This video is easily the most celebrity packed of the bunch. It’s got old rockers making fun of this new generation and then a bunch of people pulling off masks to reveal they’re actually celebrities.

Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg –  “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s an Arms Race”

Picking up where “Dance, Dance” left off, this video also has a few celebs hanging around. Seth and Michelle make their appearance in this video as mourning funeral goers.

Big Sean – “Uma Thurman”


Big Sean has a one of those cameos that if you’re not really paying attention, you won’t even catch it in this music video. We had to re-watch just to make sure it was really him.

Rick Ross – “Centuries”

After all these years, this cameo is actually exactly what we could have hoped for. A shirtless Rick Ross featuring his classic gold chain. Thank you FOB.

2 Chainz – “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)”


How strange is it that the shadowy figure we see in the beginning of this music video wound up being 2 Chainz? And he didn’t even rap or say his name at all during the video.

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Fall Out Boy has a lot more celebrities friends than we ever realized. They’ve also got a tendency to have the lengthiest song names in existence. Which celeb appearance is your favorite? Share it in the comment section below!