Use Our Celebrity Book Club To Strike Up a Convo with Ryan Gosling

Credit: GSNY / Splash News

I know. Summer’s in full swing and you’ve got nothing to download to your Kindle for beach reading and you’re fresh out of ideas for Hamptons party conversation starters (because you KNOW everyone is sick of hearing about Twilight or who you’d cast in that possibly-never-going-to-happen Fifty Shades of Grey movie). Here’s where comes in!

We’ve rounded up a few celebrity-approved titles to create our Celebrity Book Club so that this summer, if you just so happen to run into Sarah Jessica Parker on the Jitney or Ryan Gosling in the TSA airport security line and find that you have nothing to talk about — or if you, like, actually like to read — you’re covered. Click through the gallery for celeb-approved reading material and a bit about each title, just in case you were like me in high school and only want the bullet points.

GALLERY:’s Celebrity Book Club

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