The Ultimate Dream Celebrity Thanksgiving

Imagine you were somehow able to get ten celebrities at your Thanksgiving table this year, and they had to exhibit the qualities of a typical table full of family. For us, this means caring, concerned, crazy and wildly intrusive. We believe these ten exhibit the qualities of their specific roles in the family, and we could see this combination of people gathered for an amazing, but semi-dysfunctional Thanksgiving. 

1. Martha Stewart as Grandma

Why would you NOT choose Martha Stewart at any sort of food event? Could you imagine the pies and the decor for Thanksgiving with the household name for everything “household?” It would be impeccable. We can imagine her being loving, but firm. She wouldn’t ask you millions of questions, but she would never beat around the bush. She’d inspect from afar and expect the best from you. 

2. Robert De Niro as Grandpa


We wrestled with a stud like Harrison Ford, but I think having a hot grandpa may be a little awkward. Instead, we chose a true movie star/producer/director. We imagine him being blunt and sarcastic. He’d balance out Martha’s pre-Thanksgiving freak out with his calming mannerisms. He’d be a real man’s man with the boys of the family, but also genuinely interested in what was going on with the ladies. 

3. Seth Rogen as the Fun/Crazy Uncle

Seth would be the single, fun-loving uncle who basically taught you everything inappropriate growing up. He was always saying the wrong things and took jokes too far for children ears. Your mom would constantly be scolding him while trying to refrain from laughing herself. You always looked forward to him coming to family events now, because you’re family has finally accepted that your not-so-young ears can withhold the jokes, so they have come out in full force. He’s definitely the uncle to bring the beer. 

4. Zooey Deschanel as the Cool Aunt


Aunt Zooey is still young enough that she doesn’t feel she has too much authority over you, so you get along great. She’d ask you about your significant other (or lack thereof), but not embarrass you publicly about it. She’d give the best gifts and have a sophisticated charm about her. At the dinner table, she’d get wine drunk, but still keep it together. She’d never be shocked or offended by Seth, but also never go as far as he does. She’d be calm, cool and collected. 

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Nice Uncle


Joseph would obviously be married to Zooey, and they’d be an adorable young couple. He would always look out for you and be someone you knew you could go to without judgement. At Thanksgiving, he’d be one of the quieter few to just hang back and listen to everyone else. He was always contempt with not being the center of attention. 

6. Kendall Jenner as a Cool Cousin

Can you imagine how interested everyone will be in Kendall’s blossoming career and how much they will forget about your seemingly unimportant life in comparison? She would get all the unwanted attention, and being her cousin would have some major perks right now. You could ask about her new lob and Estee Lauder gig and see if there were free goodies she’d want to pass on. She’d also probably be on her phone most of the day which would annoy many of your matronly family members. 

7. Julianne Moore as Mom

After seeing her as President Coin in Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, we think she’s the obvious choice. She has the I’ve-got-it-all-together vibe and seems to be very nuturing. She wouldn’t be the kind of mom who claims to be her kid’s best friend and you probably be annoyed by her growing up, but get along well now. She’d be a very proud and bragging parent and make sure to annouce your recent achievements at the table. 

8. George Clooney as Dad


Sure, this may mean you think your dad is extremely attractive, but George is the only celeb for the job. He’d be protective of his daughters and supportive of his sons. He’s strong and nurturing, and if he is where you get your genes from… that can only mean good things. He’d be fun and funny at the table when he wanted to be, but definitley stern if needed. He’d be the one to join Seth in watching football and drinking beer after the big meal. 

9. Blake Lively as Big Sis

HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? She’d be the sibling that you get along really well with, but also bicker with over unimportant things. You probably hadn’t seen her in awhile, with her being busy with Preserve and being with child and all that, so Thanksgiving is a good way to reconnect. She’d definitley show that she was more adult than you by offering to bring homemade pies to the meal. Everyone will rave about them despite if actually taste good or not, because it’s her first domestic attempt. 

10. Ryan Reynolds as the Cute Brother-in-Law

Ryan is the beloved new member of the family. The gang has always liked him and couldn’t be happier with his inclusion in the holiday. He’d get along really well with Seth, but also be calm and serious with George. He’d be the one to make everyone actually go out and play football on the lawn. He’d also make several jokes about drinking for him AND Blake throughout the day.