Celebs and their BFFs: Twitter Roundup

Lady Gaga and Donatella VersaceDerekBlasberg/Twitter

Since social media has basically eviscerated the definition of privacy, it’s become much easier to track the personal lives of celebrities based on what they put up on their Twitters and Instagrams, including who they keep company with. While some stars keep their personal lives personal, other stars love to share their exploits with the people they’re close with, whether those people are real life BFFs or online BFFs (or, in Zac Efron’s case, a photoshop BFF). From Ian Somerhalder’s cute son (i.e. his cat) to Aaron Paul’s Heisenberg-reminiscing, here’s a look at some of the people that celebs love to post themselves online with. 

Lady Gaga

Is Gaga turning into Donatella or vice versa? More importantly, why is Gaga serving up Ariel from The Little Mermaid realness by combing her hair with a fork? (My apologies if that is an actual dinglehopper.)

Zac Efron

The cast of That Awkward Moment has awesome chemistry on and off the screen, but Zac Efron clearly only has eyes for the dog he’s making out with on Un Nuevo Dia.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry brings along her younger brother to the Grammys. Were they trying to figure out what the hell Katy was wearing on stage, too?

Jared Leto

Hipster overload: diligently crossing borders, oceans, and countries worldwide.


Beyonce. Does. Not. Age. 

Aaron Paul

Fair warning: this picture will make you weep for the days of Breaking Bad.

Zach Braff

The amazing photoshop, Zach Braff’s majorly creepy gaze, Harry Styles’ satisfied mug, the spooning… this picture = brilliance.

Ian Somerhalder

According to the caption, Ian Somerhalder’s furry friend is more his son than his BFF. That’s nice. Can we talk about how the cat is literally burrowing his way into Ian’s butt, though?