Celebs’ Nude Photo Epidemic: Who’s Hacking Hollywood?

olivia munnCelebrity phone hacking has grown to be a worldwide problem. Christina Hendricks may be the latest victim of a phone hacking scandal, but this issue only continues to gain momentum. And while celebs aren’t always allotted the privilege of privacy, these technical invasions are beyond excessive, which makes you wonder: who’s got it in for Hollywood?

Aside from Hendricks, Olivia Munn has also been a recent victim to phone hackers after provocative photos of the star recently began circulating the web. And although sources confirmed to TMZ that the full frontal footage was completely “phony,” that doesn’t make it any less of an intrusion of her privacy. In fact, some insiders revealed that several of the shots were legit, including ones where Munn appears to be in a black bra and bikini. But the photos that don’t show her face are 100 percent fake, including the nude pic.

High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens came under fire back in 2009 after nude photos of the actress were posted all over the internet of her when she was underage. Additionally, nude photos of Blake Lively were leaked in June 2011, and although her rep denied that the pictures were legit, all evidence pointed to the contrary.

And of course, we can’t forget Scarlett Johansson’s nude photo scandal, which became part of a yearlong FBI investigation. In October 2011, the culprit, Christopher Chaney, was caught and charged with hacking into the email accounts of 50 different victims, including Johansson, Hudgens, Christina Aguilera, and Mila Kunis. Chaney pleaded not guilty in November, but if convicted, he could face up to 121 years in prison.

However, it seems as though others have picked up where Chaney left off, making no celebrity phone safe from their wrath. And if this Hollywood hacking epidemic continues, big stars may lose their privacy entirely.

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Source: TMZ