Celebs Who Made Santa’s List


charlie sheenWith Christmas just around the bend, shopping has pretty much reached its peak. But not everyone deserves to find what they want in their stockings — especially some of our favorite celebrities. And since it’s basically our job to monitor celebrity behavior throughout the course of the year, I feel like it’s our responsibility to help Santa out and decide which stars should be on the naughty list and which should be on the nice one. Check out our list below and find out how stars measured up under our holiday scrutiny.

Ryan Gosling: popular actor, adorable dog owner, and local hero. On August 22nd, Gosling witnessed a fight on the streets of New York City, but instead of turning his back and walking away from the situation he intervened and broke the fight up. It was a small and simple gesture, but it told a lot about the guy’s character and how he doesn’t turn a blind eye when it comes to violence. The citizens of New York can feel safe under this celeb’s helpful watch and since he’s gone above and beyond the call of duty, Mr. Gosling is guaranteed a spot at the top of the nice list.

Shia LaBeouf: Naughty

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However, other stars feel it’s their responsibility to initiate the street fights (someone’s got to keep Ryan Gosling busy, right?). On October 18th, a witness recorded Shia LaBeouf getting his ass kicked on the streets of Vancouver just outside a local bar. It’s unclear as to what initially caused the fight, but since booze and violence seem to always go hand-in-hand, I’m going to take a page out of Jamie Fox’s book and Blame It on the a-a-a-a-alcohol. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). If you watch the video, it’s really just sad to see one of Hollywood’s stars – a prominent figure in the entertainment industry – get into a bar brawl. Couple that with the fact that LaBeouf is kinda known for his short temper and all signs indicate he deserves a one way ticket to the naughty list. (Source: TMZ)

It’s always nice when a celebrity demonstrates an act of kindness, but when it involves making two little girls’ dreams come true, it’s simply phenomenal. Sophia Grace and Rosie skyrocketed to stardom after appearing on The Ellen Show on October 12th to perform a Nicki Minaj song in front of a live audience, and they did a superb job. But the highlight of the show was when Nicki Minaj made a surprise visit so she could sing with the two girls. As you can guess, Sophia Grace and Rosie were beyond excited to see their favorite star and their reactions to her were simply amazing. I mean, the fact that the singer changed her entire schedule around just so she could stop in and see the girls, really shows what a kind-hearted and caring person she really is, at least when it comes to children. The amount of joy she brought to the both of them is more than enough to earn her a spot on the nice list.

Madonna: Naughty

On September 4th, someone gave Madonna a bouquet of hydrangeas a few months back, but instead of just politely accepting them and leaving it at that, she immediately handed them off to another person while muttering, “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. Obviously he didn’t know that.” It was shocking to watch her be so inexplicably rude to someone who was trying to be nice to her. Granted, she probably wasn’t aware a strategically placed camera crew caught her offensive remark on tape, but it still doesn’t account for how she handled the situation. And unfortunately for her, I absolutely loathe rude people. Obviously she didn’t know that. So off to the naughty list she goes.

Jim Carrey: Nice

All Jim Carrey fans simultaneously shook their heads in disbelief on August 24th when the actor confessed his undying love for Emma Stone in a homemade video earlier this year. While it could be seen as creepy (okay, really creepy), Carrey’s praise for Stone was endearing. Of course this little clip wasn’t exactly up to par with his normal comedic antics, but at least he’s got good taste, because who doesn’t love Emma Stone? So, pathetic and a little desperate: yes. Malicious and deserving of a place on the naughty list: no.

Snooki: Naughty

We all know Snooki is no stranger to partying. In fact, her nightly escapades usually make for some pretty amusing entertainment. But Snooki took the term “tree hugging” to a whole new (and wrong) level on July 7th when she decided to grind up on a poor, helpless tree while in a drunken haze. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about helping out the environment, but this was terrible – that tree didn’t do anything to her besides maybe beat her in the height contest. But it’s not just about the tree…Snooki is always caught dancing on bars, partying too hard, inviting guys to the smush room, and generally just making poor life choices, so I’m going to have to put her on the naughty list for at least another year. (Source: TMZ)

Everyone loves a good pee joke, especially Anderson Cooper, who burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggles on August 17th while discussing Gerard Depardieu’s decision to urinate on a plane (and not in the bathroom) on a segment of The RidicuList. But this wasn’t just your average giggle fest – this was a “crying your eyes out, squealing like a little girl” type of situation, which can only be classified as utterly amazing. Honestly though, try watching this video without bursting into laughter – it’s impossible. Thank you Anderson Cooper for bringing so much joy into our daily lives.

Charlie Sheen: Naughty

In one year, Charlie Sheen – who was basically the crème de la crème in TV circles – got fired from his long-running sitcom, publicly suffered a mental breakdown, finalized yet another divorce, lost both his goddesses, and basically became certifiably insane. Now before you start hating on me I’ll give him some credit: he seems to be trying to turn his life back around these days, but that doesn’t excuse the complete lunacy he demonstrated in previous months. We all remember (and mock) his chaotic March 1st interview with 20/20, where he coined legendary phrases such as “tigerblood,” “Adonis DNA,” and his most popular gimmick, “winnnning!” He made a laughing stock out of himself, which seriously set him back amongst his Hollywood peers, which cannot go unnoticed. That’s not even mentioning his previous endeavors from other years where he threatened a porn star and destroyed a New York hotel room. I’m just sticking to the discrepancies that happened in the span of 12 months and the list is still quite long. As entertaining as all his antics may be, he still belongs on the naughty list.