Chan broke his finger on film set

Chan noticed the little finger on his left hand was bent right back and dislocated before he felt any pain – and decided to continue with the scene.

He says, “I still do two punches, otherwise you have to do it (scene) all over again. I go, pow, pow and then, ‘Cut!’ and then I put it (finger) back.”

It’s not the first time Chan has been seriously injured while making a movie – he fractured his ankle during Rumble in the Bronx when he landed awkwardly after jumping from a bridge to a hovercraft.

He recalls, “The cameraman (said), ‘Jackie, are you OK?’ I said, ‘Did you got the shot (sic)?’ ‘Yes I got the shot.’ ‘OK, send me to the hospital.'”

The tough guy admits he was back on the set, with a cast wrapped around his ankle, an hour later.