Channing Tatum Admits To ‘Details’ He’s Not ‘The Best Actor’

channing tatum2012 is looking to be quite the big year for Channing Tatum. By the time July 1 rolls around, the hunky actor will have appeared in four movies, playing everything from a devoted husband in The Vow (Feb. 10) to a delectable stripper in the man-centric film, Magic Mike (June 29). So, in preparation for what he hopes to be a sell-out blockbuster year, the star sat down for an interview with Details magazine where he discussed his acting expertise…or rather his lack thereof.

After Tatum explained how he’s learned something from every project he’s done, he went on to say how he doesn’t really consider himself to be that great an actor. He said, “I didn’t go to acting school, so my knowledge of story, film-making, and character comes from just being on set and doing it. I know I’m not the best actor, but I hope my characters are getting better.” And he’s right, he’s definitely not the best actor out there. However, his straight forward honesty about it seriously gave me a new-found respect for him. And hey, at least he’s working toward getting better…and looking pretty damn good while doing it.

Additionally, Tatum revealed to the magazine that he hopes to direct in the future, saying, “I really don’t want to be in any more movies that I don’t produce. Unless it’s with one of the 10 directors that I really want to work with, I don’t have any interest in not being on the ground floor of creating it. But what I really want to do is direct.” Well as the saying goes, those who can’t do…direct?

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Source: Details