Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx Want To ‘Channing All Over Your Tatum’

It’s about time Channing Tatum got his own theme song, right? Fans of the movie star deserve a “lady jam” to fully appreciate Tatum’s majestic bod and heart-throbbing hunkiness. 

In a ludicrous effort to promote the actor’s upcoming film White House Down, Tatum and musically inclined co-star Jamie Foxx released a Lonely Island-inspired video with the help of Jimmy Kimmel. And what does one call a song devoted solely to the dreamy actor? None other than “(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum”. Because who wouldn’t want to have their Tatum’s Channinged? Whatever the hell that means…

The mock-music vid starts off with the sexy Olivia Munn laying down the chorus as her hair sweeps in the wind.The Newsroom actress even recruits Precious’s Gabourey Sidibe, whose spotted in her bedroom a.k.a. Channing shrine, to assist with the declartion of love for their manly crush. 

Then Tatum and Foxx burst out rapping and singing about their urge to “Channing All Over Your Tatum,” which sounds awfully dirty if you ask me. Jimmy Kimmel jumps in attempting to add his own verse, but the late night host clearly doesn’t get what this song’s really about–not that we have a clue either!

And then it gets pretty random from here on out: Miley Cyrus shows up squirming underneath a vending machine. The former Hannah Montana chick tries to flaunt her pipes, but she ends up trying way too hard to sound good. Miley girl, we love you, but just stop please. You’re making us cringe.

From sexy girls to exploding volcanoes, watch below to witness pure hilarity and complete absurdity… besides the ridiculously dumb ending of the video, which will leave you asking yourself: why did I just spend four minutes of my life watching this sh*t? 

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