Channing Tatum Officially Named the Sexiest Man Alive

channing tatum sexiest man alive

In 2011, infuriated Ryan Gosling fans planted themselves outside of People magazine’s New York City office to protest that Gosling wasn’t named Sexiest Man Alive and the title instead went to one, Bradley Cooper. But this year, fans aren’t going to have anything to complain about as the 2012 title has officially gone to Channing Tatum. That’s right, Mr. Tatum is the sexiest man alive!

If you’ve seen Magic Mike then you know that Tatum was a no-brainer for this year’s recipient. (If you haven’t seen it, well then, that’s your loss.) In the movie, Tatum can be seen flaunting his hot body as a stripper named Magic Mike. It was absolutely the perfect role for 32-year-old actor, who used to work as a stripper prior to making it big in Hollywood.

Go ahead and do yourself a favor; Google Tatum’s name and take a look at this guy’s perfectly sculptured torso and angelic face. Are you going to argue with People’s decision this year? Tell us what you think: Is Tatum the sexiest man alive, or should we pick up our picket signs and head over to People to protest again? Let your comments roll below!

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[Photo Credit: People Magazine]


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