Charles Drake

Actor, Salesman
Born: 10/01/1917 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (41)

My Brother's Wedding 1991 (Movie)

2nd Pastor (Actor)

Partners in Crime 1972 - 1973 (TV Show)


The Seven Minutes 1970 (Movie)


Hail, Hero! 1969 (Movie)

Senator Murchiston (Actor)

Star Trek 1966 - 1969 (Tv Show)


The Arrangement 1969 (Movie)

Finnegan (Actor)

The Counterfeit Killer 1968 (Movie)

Dolan (Actor)

The Swimmer 1968 (Movie)

Howard Graham (Actor)

Valley of the Dolls 1967 (Movie)

Kevin Gilmore (Actor)

Dear Heart 1964 (Movie)

Frank Taylor (Actor)

The Lively Set 1964 (Movie)

Paul Manning (Actor)

The Third Day 1964 (Movie)

Lawrence Conway (Actor)

Back Street 1961 (Movie)

Curt Stanton (Actor)

Tammy Tell Me True 1960 (Movie)

Buford Woodly (Actor)

Rendezvous 1958 - 1959 (TV Show)


No Name on the Bullet 1958 (Movie)

Dr Luke Canfield (Actor)

Step Down to Terror 1958 (Movie)

Johnny Williams (Actor)

Jeanne Eagels 1957 (Movie)

John Donahue (Actor)

Until They Sail 1957 (Movie)

Captain Richard Bates (Actor)

Montgomery's Summer Stock 1951 - 1956 (TV Show)


All That Heaven Allows 1955 (Movie)

Mick Anderson (Actor)

Female on the Beach 1955 (Movie)

Lieutenant Galley (Actor)

To Hell and Back 1955 (Movie)

Brandon (Actor)

Four Guns to the Border 1954 (Movie)

Sheriff Flannery (Actor)

The Glenn Miller Story 1954 (Movie)

Don Haynes (Actor)

Gunsmoke 1953 (Movie)

Johnny Lake (Actor)

It Came From Outer Space 1953 (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

War Arrow 1953 (Movie)

Luke Schermerhorn (Actor)

Red Ball Express 1952 (Movie)


Bonzo Goes to College 1951 (Movie)

Malcolm Drew (Actor)

Harvey 1950 (Movie)

Dr Sanderson (Actor)

The Pretender 1947 (Movie)

Dr. Leonard G. Koster (Actor)

Conflict 1945 (Movie)

Professor Norman Holdsworth (Actor)

Mr. Skeffington 1945 (Movie)

Johnny Mitchell (Actor)

Now, Voyager 1941 (Movie)

Leslie Trotter (Actor)

Nine Lives Are Not Enough 1940 (Movie)


Scream, Pretty Peggy (TV Show)


The Lives of Jenny Dolan (TV Show)


The Return of Joe Forrester (TV Show)


The Screaming Woman (TV Show)


The Smugglers (TV Show)

Other (5)

Erin Brockovich 2000 (Movie)

(Craft Service)

Little Nicky 2000 (Movie)

(Craft Service)

The Limey 1999 (Movie)

(Craft Service)

The Muse 1999 (Movie)

craft service assistant (Craft Service)

Liar Liar 1997 (Movie)

(Craft Service)


Nichols College