Charles Hawtrey

Born: 11/29/1914 in Middlesex, England, GB


Actor (18)

Carry on Loving 1969 (Movie)

James Bedsop (Actor)

Carry on Up the Jungle 1969 (Movie)

Tonka (Actor)

Carry on Again, Doctor 1968 (Movie)

Dr Ernest Stoppidge (Actor)

Carry on Camping 1968 (Movie)

Charlie Muggins (Actor)

Carry on Doctor 1968 (Movie)

Mr Barron (Actor)

Carry on Cleo 1965 (Movie)

Seneca (Actor)

Carry on Spying 1964 (Movie)

Charlie Bind (Actor)

Carry on Regardless 1963 (Movie)

Gabriel Dimple (Actor)

Carry on Teacher 1962 (Movie)

Michael Bean (Actor)

Carry on Constable 1961 (Movie)

Special Constable Gorse (Actor)

Carry on Sergeant 1958 (Movie)

Peter Golighty (Actor)

The March Hare 1956 (Movie)

Fisher (Actor)

Simon and Laura 1955 (Movie)

Porter (Actor)

A Message from Mars (Movie)

Horace Parker (Actor)

Carry On Cabby (Movie)

Pintpot (Actor)

Passport to Pimlico (Movie)

Bert Fitch (Actor)

Where There's a Will (Movie)


Who Done It? (Movie)

Disc Jockey (Actor)


Italia Conti Acting School



At age 11, made acting debut in "The Windmill Man"

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He is not related to the Edwardian actor Sir Charles Hawtrey (1858 - 1923)