Charles Saatchi Finally Admits To Abusing Wife Nigella Lawson

Billionare advertising mogul Charles Saatchi has confessed assault and accepted a “police caution” in regards to the photograph that surfaced of him viscously clenching the throat of his wife, British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. 

London’s Evening Standard  reported that Saatchi originally claimed that the infamous photo, which catches renowned art collector Saatchi aggressively choking his wife, exaggerated the couples feud. He also vowed that he and his Wife mitigated their fight soon enough and reconciled once they were home and out of the public eye.

Despite how the nasty snap framed the famous couple’s argument, Saatchi relentlessly insisted that it was merely “a playful tiff.” The loaded British husband continued to deny his role as an abuser stating “there was no grip.” Yet, Nigella was spotted with tears dripping down her cheeks in the haze of their public quarrel, which occurred on June 9th at the swanky London-based Scott’s Restaurant.

But now, Saatchi, whose famous advertising company assisted Margaret Thatcher’s become prime minister, is finally coming clean– admitting that he did indeed abused his wife. Although it is terrible that Lawson was exposed to such severe maltreatment, her violent argument with her husband has sparked a more open conversation about domestic violence in the public sphere.

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