Charlie Sheen Apologizes For First Webcast in Second Webcast

brooke mueller charlie sheenLast night, Charlie Sheen hosted his second webcast on ustream, even though I thought he was going to wait for us to ask for a second one? During the comfortable 13 minute-long endeavor, Sheen told people that his 11 year-old pug, Betty, had died, and that now she’s in another dimension, “flashing her razor fangs” which were not diminished from 11 years of grinding dog food up at all.  He also said that even though his first webcast was awful, he still plans on “giving people the fucking truth,” and that he’s going to “deliver it in a way that’s violent and focused and not like they’re used to ever because they’re high on vaccines, and McDonald’s and US Weekly, and TMZ and ever other fucking shitty brand of food they consume.” In the future, he plans to prepare what he’s going to say before each broadcast, and then he will “deliver them like truth torpedoes and people are gonna fucking take it or leave it.” Before he ended the feed, he said “what it was isn’t what you thought it is, because it is what it is, because you claim so, because you confirm it, because you insist that it is what it is. And therefore, it ain’t what it ain’t, which is gold and winning and magic because that’s how I roll.” That last part might be about carrier pigeons. I’m really not sure.

Source: Hollywood Reporter