Charlie Sheen Borrowed $10 Million Before 7th Season of ‘2.5 Men’

charlie sheenWho hasn’t taken an advance on their salary of $10 million dollars to likely pay off back debts from coke and hooker hustlers? I mean, we’ve all been in that situation before, right? Or is that just me and Charlie Sheen (do I smell the title of my new rap song? I think I might)?

Anyway, Sheen took out a $10 million loan before the start of the seventh season of Two and a Half Men and subsequently had a sizeable chunk taken out of each paycheck (plus interest of course). Never mind the fact that he was making nearly $2 million an episode, no one likes having money taken out of their paycheck. Lucky for Warner Bros., Sheen had paid back the loan by the time of the thirteenth episode and the company promptly fired him after episode sixteen. Methinks they wanted to fire him before that but wanted to make sure they got their loan back. Of course, I have no way of proving that but considering WB charged the highest possible interest on the loan and this is Charlie Sheen we’re talking about, I feel pretty safe in my guess.

Source: TMZ